We are


Specialists for over two decades, NBC standouts as a reference in fieldwork in Brazil for research and consulting companies and national and multinational final costumers. We work with the most up to date information gathering and recruiting techniques.


  • Over 1.500 projects, including over 800 Product Test, in home and in Central Locations (CLT). Along with continuous studies, which have been going on for over a decade, precise sampling techniques comprising probabilities that can be followed by our clients.

The Difference

  • Customized service
  • Continuous learning
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • High quality sampling and data collection
  • Quality controls and follow-ups suitable for every step of the study
  • Ongoing investment in structure, technology and technical training for our staff
  • Systematic analyses of our processes and results


  • Sampling
  • Information
  • Well-being and continuous improvement of our team
  • Market Research: Image and credibility


  • Regardless of any challenge, transparency always.


  • We don’t just say what you want to hear.


  • Long-term partnerships
  • Trustworthy relationship


Arthur Gamble
International Fieldwork Manager

“As part of the MMR global partnership program, Brazil was seen as critical market and the need to find a preferred supplier for fieldwork was absolutely key. We looked at a number of fieldwork providers in Brazil but very quickly realised that NBC were the lead agency. Since the beginning of 2015 they have been MMR’s preferred agency and we expect that status to continue. The relationship we have with all the staff but in particular Dafne, is second-to-none, quickly responding to queries and managing our central location and home usage tests in a highly professional manner.”

Nadine Santos
Consumer Technical Insight Coordinator

“NBC is an extremely competent partner. Beyond the excellent structure for food research with consumers, their professionals are well trained and extremely committed. Every detail deserves gets attention from NBC, and that is what ensures a highest quality field. It is always a great satisfaction to work with them”.

Rubens Hannun
Presidente ASBPM

“There is something special about working with Dafne. It means safety and trust. Her determination and willpower have always been vital for the quality of her work. In the course of time, those qualities expanded to NBC in a very organized and professional way.
Professional researchers can also benefit from her qualities. As the Director of ASBPM – Associação Brasileira de Pesquisadores de Mercado (Brazilian Market Research Association), she dedicates part of her time and qualifications to ensure market research is recognized as a profession, something that we have been avidly seeking.”

Duilio Novaes
Presidente ABEP

“We have been working with NBC since 1995 and we consider it our best experience with data collecting companies. NBC’s team is committed to quality, deadlines and excellence in survey and data collecting methodology. For 20 years we have tracked consuming habits for a major non-alcoholic beverages manufacturer, and many other ad hoc projects.”

Cláudia Checchia Boucher

“There is no doubt that NBC is the Best fieldwork company in Brazil. They’re an ethical, agile, responsible and self-aware company that values the work performed by their team.”

Marcelo Fernandes
Chief and former R&D Coordinator

“I take pride in dedicating these few lines for this testimonial. I have gratefully been part of Unilever “Foods” market research team. At that time, we had a huge challenge: To understand precisely the behavior of the spices in an oven bag called “Meu Assado” (My Roast).
NBC, represented by their Director, alongside the coordination team, played a crucial role for the research’s success.
The company’s concern to perform the best work struck me. No efforts were spared to have the results quickly, cleanly and joyfully delivered. Congratulations, NBC team, for the great work!”.

Evelyn Rozenbaum

“Working with NBC is fulfilling from planning to delivery. They distinguish themselves from other companies in the market by being serious and trustworthy. They are committed to deadlines and totally engaged into performing the most accurate and competent work, always caring about the quality of the information. A study that is quality proven and requires no back work makes all the difference!”


Cidineia de Oliveira

“I started working at NBC 15 years ago. Since then, I have been in lots of positions. I have grown as a person and as a professional. It is a great pleasure to work here.
When there are people that value our efforts, undoubtedly we feel more motivated to work. I couldn’t be more thankful.”

Eliana Lava

“I have worked for many companies and learned many things along the way, but I have never felt as treasured as I do at NBC.
It brings me joy to be part of the NBC family, and I hope it lasts a long time.
Few companies invest in their professionals, but at NBC, they invest and believe in each and every one of us. “

Luísa Dias

“Being part of NBC is indeed, a reason for contentment. NBC is a hospitable and serious workplace. Here we experience well-being, opportunities and business transparency.
The management is highly competent and fully committed to providing excellence in service. Congratulations to the manager and to all the company members, which strive to make this a successful organization.”

Margarida Ladez

“Working at NBC is to understand that the result of a job performed with excellence is only possible when we deconstruct and construct the comprehension of a collaborative spirit.
We learn that some practices are fundamental in order to achieve this understanding, such as perception, self-knowledge, respect, welcoming, strategy, criteria, organization, bonding, agreements and others. All these skills can be developed and improved by a process of mutual mature.”

Ana Paula Barbosa

“I came to NBC in 2014 on a short-term job. One month later, I was invited to be part of this team. I am grateful for the opportunity that I have been given and I am proud of working with a group of competent and dedicated professionals. Here, I am inspired to improve as a professional and a human being.”

Rose Paes

“I take pride in working with this family, which has welcomed me, taught me and helped me face new challenges. When I think about how it all started and where we are now, I feel privileged to be part of this story.
Working at NBC means to have the opportunity, each and every day, to make things better than before.
Dedication and commitment are what I offer to NBC.”

Gabriella Floriano

“I take pride in working with this family, which has welcomed me, taught me and helped me face new challenges. When I think about how it all started and where we are now, I feel privileged to be part of this story.
Working at NBC means to have the opportunity, each and every day, to make things better than before.
Dedication and commitment are what I offer to NBC.”

Vera Lucia Santos

“I love working for a company, which aims for nothing less than excellence in work and a distinguished structure that offers comfortable facilities to the employees.
NBC provides training courses for members of the team to achieve their best and work with excellence. NBC motivates staff to be better in work and better in life.
I had the honor to attend a leadership course, which added greatly to my professional trajectory. I couldn’t thank NBC enough.”